Our Mission

Gather believes that great lunch builds great culture. We take the work out of lunch at work, making it simple to order for teams. Lunch should be a much needed break in the day.

Let’s make that happen.


Healthy &
High Quality Food

Gather curates a daily menu, sourcing high quality and nutritious food for you and your team. Our menus are designed for teams 6-10 people and cost $10 per person.

Group Ordering

Our ‘food mood’ selection process makes it easy to choose food that suits the entire team.

for Sharing

We don’t just deliver, we set up your lunch family style so you can spend more time enjoying, and less time prepping.

How it Works

1. Log On & Pick Your Team

Log on to Gather and invite your team members to lunch by simply adding their e‑mail and select the time you want to eat.

2. Choose your food mood

Team members receive an e-mail and are asked their ‘food mood’ (hearty, healthy, light or comforting).

3. Gather does its Magic

Based on the food moods of the team, Gather’s ‘food mood’ algorithm curates dishes that are designed to meet the needs of the entire team.

4. Enjoy a team lunch

Gather will deliver the food and set the table for the team. Food is served family style to encourage sharing and conversation.

5. No Washing Up!

At the end of lunch, simply put the empty dishes in the box provided and we will come pick them up, allowing you to get back to work.

Our Partners

We have worked hard to find partners who believe in our mission and can deliver high quality, healthy lunch options. We’re creating our A‑team to feed your A‑team.

Here’s a Sample of Just Some of Our Partners:

Meatball Shop


Oaxaca Taqueria



Bangkok B.A.R.


Might Quinn's

Coming Soon

Our team is working hard to bring Gather to your team. Let us know where you heard about us and leave your e‑mail. We will keep you posted on when we launch!